Things Why I Love Japan

It was 2 years ago when I went to Japan with my sister for a visit. It was a dream come true since I’ve always want to visit the country when i was a kid. I always hear my aunt (based in Japan with her family) telling great stories about the country. I know Japan is always known for being so unique in Asia but the actual feeling of being on that country is beyond experienced.  All the things I love are still lingering my mind and I would like to share some of those:



Food looks appealing and yummy! I have never been in any Asia country where looks of the food matters. Eating at home or in a small to a well known restaurant, it really amazed me how the food are well presented so it would be more appealing. Almost all the food are healthy too.I love everything from sushi, ramen, udon noodles, soba, takoyaki,Japanese curry,matcha latte, okinamiyaki, and chocolates!


Miso Ramen


Udon Noodles and Tempura!


Our Japanese Breakfast



We used mostly of the train to go around the city. It is very organized, convenient, and can take you anywhere easily around Japan and very well maintained. I remembered we took the bullet train from Tokyo going to Nigata which is on the northern part of Japan and it cut down the 8 hrs trip to just 2.5 hrs. Isn’t it amazing? It one of the things one should try in Japan.

Bullet train going to Nigata



When my sister and I first arrived in Japan, my aunt oriented us how to use the toilet. On my mind why was she saying that, for sure all are just pretty the same! But when I saw all the buttons to push,it made some sense! The seat was warm and there were buttons to press to let water come out of the bowl to flush you from the back or if you want some drier afterwards. If you want some music on while doing your thing,you can turn it on too! Public toilets are the same too! Very unique!

Buttons to press



PURIKURA is a sticker printing photo booths which is very popular in Japan. Here the sample of our purikura moment. We changed costumes and then it made our eyes really big on the photos!

With my sister and Japanese cousins




Anywhere you go, streets are always filled with lots of fashionable people. It’s like watching an Asian fashion show.



Ok, it was bit awkward to do the naked bathing in the public. At first I don’t wanna do it but since females were separated from the males,I was convinced to do it.Indeed it was an experience!

View when we tried Onsen



Places, architecture, designs of the houses, things displayed on the stores, stuffs on the house everything were just so cute!






Cleanliness matters to Japanese people. I didn’t see any single dirt on the public places. There were places too where they give free tissues to the public. I have never seen that on any other places.




If you are a big fun of anime and Japanese robots, you shouldn’t missed going to Odaiba and check the big robots. Japanese wearing costumes were just walking around Akihabara too. It was pretty cool!





People are just so disciplined. You can always notice on the public places like train stations, restaurants and parks how they wait for their turn, remain so calm and helpful. They seem they have mastered the art of being disciplined in terms to everything.


Queue for sushi restaurant. Started falling in line as early as 4.30 am then had our breakfast around 8:00 am! But it was worth the wait!



I know Japanese words are quite difficult to learn but being around with my cousins who are half Japanese and Half Filipino, I just loved how they talked. It’s like music in my ears. You will be familiarized with some of the words too as it is very often used like Moshi-moshi(Hello), Arigato(Thank You), Onisan(Father), Okasaan(Mother),  Hai ( Yes)



We had lots of walk when we were roaming around the city. Japanese are used to it but not me. Good thing vendo machines and convenient stores are everywhere and you can always grab a hot or cold tea drinks or whatever you like to ease the thirst!









If you are a female, you will go crazy to go around and check on their beauty products. From beauty shampoo, soaps, curler lashes, concealer, body spray and so on, all are of nice, good quality and affordable prices.


Most of the time we will be home late but it seems it is very safe to walk around. It it almost like zero crime rate in Japan.

What do you want to see on your trip to Japan? Share on the comments below. 

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  1. Loy-Loy buloy says: Reply

    Good read and photos. Tatandaan ko lahat ng nakasulat dito for next year! Good Job J-Zel! ?

    1. JoannaV says: Reply

      Enjoy your trip next year! ☺

  2. Diva says: Reply

    Sosyal! The land of the rising sun has a lot to offer indeed ! Onsen will be one of my choices for sure! ???

    1. JoannaV says: Reply

      Surely you will enjoy..

  3. Monice says: Reply

    nice and informative 🙂 i will keep a tab on this for future travel to the land of the rising sun 🙂

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    Woow, That’s really a detailed information about Japan, for sure i will consider it for my next destination.

    Keep up the good work.

    Cheers …

  5. zelda says: Reply

    Nice bonding moment with your cousins, your Mommy Yoye & your Uncle Takesh…

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