Ski Lesson in Dubai

It was an unforgettable snow experience. My Uncle and cousins taught me the basic of skiing. It was not easy for me being a first timer in skiing, but still I managed to do it. We all know that skiing is not a common sport in the Philippines being a “snow-free” country. Recently, my passion for outdoor activities prompted me to do skiing again. But this time with real instructors! Just so enthusiastic to learn the basic and techniques in Skiing. Let me give you then the bird’s eye view of “Ski Dubai”.

Ski Dubai is an indoor ski resort with 22,500 sq m area available in the Middle East. Ski Dubai is located in Mall of Emirates which is one of the largest malls in the world. There are numerous of activities to do in Ski Dubai such as skiing, snowboarding or just simply enjoy the snow and amenities. Different passes are available depends to what kind of activities you want to try. Ski Dubai caters all kind of people- kids and adults who just love snow! Winter clothing, ski or snowboard equipment are included in the admission except for the gloves. Gloves are available in Ski Dubai stores or you can just bring one if you don’t want to spend more money.


My friend Yana and I opted to go for Ski Lesson. It is a group lesson for first timers.There was like 11 persons that time when we had our lesson. First we took our equipment necessary for skiing-wardrobe and the boots. There was a queue for those and also a room for changing clothes and a locker to keep personal stuff. In choosing the boots, it is best to get a pair of boots that will fit you well. The boots were heavy and hard to put on but there were instructors willing to help around if someone needs any assistance. In our case, someone helped us to fix our boots as well as how to put on properly the pants (I’m a bit of ashamed but hey some instructors were really good looking, haha!)

After putting on the proper outfit and boots, we all gathered in one place to have our orientation. We were taught about techniques on how to move with the boots on while carrying the ski and I think it was really necessary or else one will stumble down or cannot even walk around. We were instructed to put the heel first on the ground then let the foot moves from heels to toes. Second instruction taught was how to carry the ski properly. It is carried in an upright position on the side.


When we reached the area for our ski lesson, there were some exercises performed. The instructor taught us how to properly put on the skis. Important tips were also imparted such as proper balancing. Bending the knees and leaning forward to achieve proper balance and position. Leaning forward towards the boots provide more control over the skis. Another lesson was how to climb the hill which is to take sidestep. It is important not to look down to avoid accident too. Always look straight! Each of us was given the chance to learn the basic of skiing with the supervision of the instructor.


In general, it was fun because the instructor made us feel at ease and comfy! Great sense of humor and did I forget to mention, the instructor was a Filipino too! The activity lasted for 60 minutes! if you want to go for an advance lesson,  it is available too. Everyone had a blast and so much fun! The moments of fall, slip and up again was just a fun-filled activity for us. Though I think skiing is not really for everyone. Someone should just enjoy and have fun learning new things in life and the company of new people around!

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