Thanksgiving Experience in USA

Thanksgiving is one of the celebrated events in United States of America. People usually spend time with their family, relatives and friends. This also marks the start of the Holiday season and is just as important as Christmas. It is the time of the year when Americans give thanks to Almighty God for the blessings throughout the year. It is currently celebrated on the fourth of Thursday in November. Some of the Americans have long weekend holidays so it is popular to go for out of town trip too.

So what was my Thanksgiving experience in USA? Some of my family and relatives are living in US. I am happy I was given the chance to experience one of the seasons being celebrated by the Americans and even Filipinos in the USA. My family decided to join our relatives to have our Thanksgiving dinner together. Since it is also the mark of holiday sale we opted to go to the nearest mall to go for window shopping but all shops were close in the morning of Thanksgiving, but to my surprised some shops like Best Buy and Walmart has already long line of people in the morning outside their stores though it will still be opened in the evening. My first time to see people camping out and putting out tent to be the first one on the line for the shopping time! Yes, Thanksgiving in the USA is actually the start of holiday shopping and everything was almost on sale!

When we reached our cousin’s place everybody was busy preparing foods for dinner. My cousin, brother and I went out to get the food we ordered and went to Walmart store to buy some drinks. The thing was, in US they are quite strict when people buy some alcohol especially if you are on between 21-40 years old. They asked for an ID to verify if you are of legal age to buy liquor. It was my brother and I who were holding the bottles to the cashier when the cashier asked for our ID. On my thought it was enough my brother showed his ID but to my surprised the cashier also asked for my ID. I forgot to bring my ID so we had no choice but to leave and go another shop and make sure only my brother or my cousin will hold the alcohol so we can go buy. Hehe! At the same time, while going around, the line for the Thanksgiving sale was also getting more! I thought the one shown on TV people falling in line was exaggerated but when I witnessed it with my own eyes I was really awed and surprised!


At Ontario Mill Outlet Stores

When we returned back home, we had our Thanksgiving dinner. We had sumptuous dinner prepared by my aunts, uncle and cousins. More than the wonderful dinner we had, I was happy that I was able to catch up with my relatives which I haven’t seen for long time. Filipinos treasure so much of their family and relatives. It is one of the cultural tradition being valued and even if Filipinos don’t usually celebrate Thanksgiving, it has been already adopted by some Filipinos living in USA for the good thing it brings. It is a time for get together and spending quality time with the family. Wherever Filipinos are, they treasure and keep their closeness.






Just before the midnight struck we went to the outlet mall to experience holiday shopping sale!  People hunt for holiday promos and sales that usually starts Thanksgiving Day. It is said to be one of the busiest shopping days of the year. As advised by my cousins who are certified shopaholics and bargain hunters, we should leave just before midnight struck as sale will be more on the midnight until the morning (yes shopping centers were open till dawn) and so we left around 11:00 pm and reached the Ontario Mills (outlet store) around 11.20 pm but we got parking only after how many minutes of going around. Yes there was no parking space at all!  Patience was needed. Some tips if you plan to go shopping on Thanksgiving?! Know what you want to buy before going there. It was seriously crowded. Line was long. Prices were really down 50-75% but the line was terrible. My family just went there for like 2 hours and left. Hehe!  So yes thanksgiving is a family get together and start of holiday shopping until you dropped! Sale was from Thanksgiving Day, Black Friday and till weekend! Will I go shopping starting Thanksgiving Day midnight next time? Probably no. I went the next day to other outlet stores (Citadel) and everything was still on sale. Hehe! But even if I will not do it again, it was indeed a good experience.

Certified shopaholic cousins! hehe
Citadel Outlet Stores on Black Friday


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