What I did in Las Vegas


My family had a short trip to Las Vegas from Los Angeles which coincide with my mom’s birthday. It took us 4.5 hours road trip to reach Las Vegas from Los Angeles, California. We checked in to Rio Hotel and from there we went to Market Street Café in California Hotel to meet my mom’s friend. It was difficult to find parking on that hotel, took us 30 minutes to find one that we almost gave up and thought we might just meet them the next morning. But just before leaving, luckily we got our space. We had our dinner there and tried their famous oxtail stew (Bulalo). The restaurant was quite famous for Asians especially for Filipinos. The line was long before you can a grab a sit. Then from there, we went straight to the hotel to have our rest.




Rio Hotel, place where we stayed

Every hotel in Vegas has a casino section. We went down and tried to play. It was my mom who played the slot machine first and I was just watching because I don’t have any idea on how to play it. I tried to play too, taking my chances but yeah I was not that lucky enough. It is a policy in the casino for 20 years and below not to play on the casino so my youngest brother was just roaming around. But then a security approached us. I knew from that moment she will asked for the verification of my brother’s age as he still looks young but to my surprised the security asked not only for his ID but mine as well. The only thing I told the security was “Seriously do I look like 20 years old?” She said yes and asked for my ID. Haha! I showed my passport to her and she said ok, have fun! Haha.

Casino Section at Rio Hotel
The moment a security approached us to ask if we are of legal age to play at the casino


From there we proceeded to Jjangan Japanese Restaurant. It was an Eat-All-You-Can restaurant for the price of 21 USD. They have wide varieties of sushi, sashimi and rolls. I like their no rice rolls and green tea ice cream! There are various places to eat in Las Vegas, from fancy down to fast food chain restaurants. If you are on a tight budget,you can always find a place to eat that is fairly reasonable.



Celebrating Mom’s Bday!

From there we went straight to Red Rock Canyon. Red Rock Canyon is like 30 minutes’ drive away from the city. Red Rock Canyon is the nearest place to visit if you wish to see a different spectacular view of Las Vegas. It is a 13 mile scenic drive. The fee was 7 USD per vehicle which was really affordable for a day pass visit. The Red Rock Canyon has numerous hiking trails that ranges from easy, moderate to strenuous hiking. The place reminded me so much of Oman (where I am currently based). It is really stunning but it was too cold out there! I didn’t brought with me thick clothes so I was really shaking the whole time I was roaming the place. Even if there was sunlight, the cold wind is too hard to handle. It was 3-10 degrees Celsius I guess!
It was a beautiful place, a day visit is all worth it. If I had the time and proper outfit maybe I did hiking but we were just in Vegas for 2 nights so just I had a glimpse of the place. At 4.30pm, the sun sets too! From there we dropped off to outlet stores. If you love to shop, you will go crazy with the outlet stores in Las Vegas. It was still holiday that time so there were more promos and discounts everywhere! More reasons to go gaga.













At night we walked along the Las Vegas Strip. It is a stretch of Las Vegas Boulevard south in Clark County, Nevada. It is internationally known for its concentration of resorts hotel and casinos. I enjoyed seeing the different view and the crowd as well. The Strip was really long around 6.8km in length. There were so many things to see, try and do on that area. You can just walk around and go to the different hotels. It is like visiting another country without leaving the city. If you want to see Paris there is a hotel where the interior looks exactly you are in Paris. There is the Statue of Liberty as well! There is a fountain show held every night. Las Vegas is a place for fun and to be wild. You can be crazy! Do whatever you want that suits your personality. Definitely a two night stay in Las Vegas is not enough.Don’t miss the fun and take a trip to with Agoda. Surely I will be back to this place someday, I love it!


Bought cocktail drink and had it while walking around
Paris Hotel with European ambiance
Along the famous Las Vegas Strip
Felt like I was in New York City!
Something I want to try there but…
Free shuttle rides are available
On our way back to Los Angeles, California
I like the truck there. So different from the usual truck in Asia


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