Hiking the Hollywood Sign


Hiking is one of the things I like to do. And it was my foremost plan that I’ll do when I get to US. But then my schedule was pretty tough visiting my relatives. Most of the time I was out of Los Angeles on weekend leaving me little time to do hiking. The nearest hiking area to my place was the Hollywood sign and so I did it one time.

Prior to hiking, I did a little research on the route going to the Holly wood sign. There are quite number of trails to choose from- easy, moderate to difficult catering novice, adventurer and those who are very well conditioned. I decided to take the shortest trail going up since it was already late when I decided to do it. I took the Hollyridge trail for a 3.5 mile roundtrip hike that climbs 750 feet to reach the Hollywood sign.

From my place Burbank, I took Uber car to take me to trailhead address: 3400N Beachwood Drive, Griffith Park, Los Angeles, CA. Yes I took Uber to save time in finding the area. In less than 30 minutes, I reached the hiking starting point. I was with my brother when I had my trekking. Don’t even forget to bring bottles of water in every hiking you do whether it is a short or long trail. A friendly reminder from yours truly.

Starting Point: Gate going Sunset Ranch

The trek started at the top of Beachwood Drive. There is a gate going to the Sunset Ranch Horse Stable and you have to pass through it. The pave road from the gate was a bit steep but not that long and just before reaching the ranch, you have to turn right and you can see the sign board “Hollyridge Trail” where the start of the trail was. I saw some cars parked just before turning to the trail starting point but I am not sure whether hikers are allowed to park their cars out there.


Anyway, after 10minutes of walking, you can already reach a viewpoint of the Hollywood sign. A good place to take pictures. The trail was easy to follow, you will never get lost. There are quite numbers of hikers whom you will join eventually on the top from different trekking route. But the trail we took was near a ranch so there were some poops of the horses to watch out.



Once you reached the pave roads, look at the east for the great view of the Griffith Observatory. The road will eventually ascends to the north for a view over Burbank, the Verdugo Mountains and the San Gabriel Mountains.


Once on top there is a fence that makes a separation where you can see the huge white letters of Hollywood sign, turn left up to the true summit. There you can see the beautiful view of Los Angeles. It took me almost 40 minutes to reach the peak with some stop in between to take pictures.

The view from the top



The trail was the easiest I guess going the Hollywood sign. If you are not the type who is physically fit but doesn’t want to miss this kind of adventure in Los Angeles, this trail is perfect for you. The scenic sight was worth every step but if you want some extra challenge then might check other routes as well. 

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