Wisconsin for a Day!


One of the places I have visited which I think is completely unique was the House on the Rock. It is one of the famous spots located in Wisconsin. From Chicago, our family went for a road trip to specifically visit this unusual place. Besides who wouldn’t like to visit another state by traveling by land? From Chicago to House on the Rock, it took us approximately 3 hours and 30 minutes.


Road trip from Chicago to Wisconsin


House on the Rock has a vast collection of amazing artwork and anything that you may think of. Alex Jordan is the man behind the House on the Rock. It was opened to the public in the year 1960. The look from the outside will let you think it is just a simple house but then as you walk through it, you will notice it’s a house turned into museum. They have eclectic, exotic, bizarre collections of stuff and displays. There is a room where you can see vast collection of mechanical music machines. Put some coins on it and it will play. There is a collection of doll house with such a detailed display. The infinity room was my favorite, extending an unsupported length of 218 feet and soaring 156 above the valley floor. If you are afraid of the heights it is bit scary but it shouldn’t be missed. There is also a section called Street of Yesterday. It is like having a trip to a small town America. If you will be touring inside, you will be astounded how a man created such unique place. There is even a display of a huge sea creation which is longer than the Statue of Liberty as described!

Oriental Garden




Colorful glasses on the restroom, why not?!
Mini American Street
Infinity Room


One can also find the world’s largest carousel featuring 269 handcrafted animals, 20,000 lights and 182 chandeliers! It is hard not to be amazed and overwhelmed by the great place. It is kind of weird and strange but definitely fun. It is uniquely different! 1-2 hours of seeing the place may not be enough to see all the displays. We toured the museum for like 5 hours! If you feel hungry, there is a restaurant inside of the house, outside foods are not allowed. To end the trip, there is a souvenir shop once you are on your way out. House of Rock was sold to Art and Karen Donaldson, one year before Alex Jordan’s death. Admission fee costs around 29.95 USD per person. It was kind of expensive though but it was worth the experience. The House on the Rock has a resort which offers lodging and spa if you wish to stay and enjoy the place. Though we didn’t have the chance to go around Wisconsin, we had our dinner in one of the local restaurants. I like the vibe of the place. It is definitely experiencing American kind of restaurant in a country side. I had a great fun on that trip, after all it is a family bonding…



Souvenir Shop



hmm, really?!


Dinner @Dodgeville with the family

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