Stunning Yosemite National Park!


Before I went for my US trip, it was my dream to visit at least one of the national parks in the US. Growing up in a place very much  in touch with nature, it inspired me and I’m really looking forward to be able to see these places.  I was even torn between these 2 beautiful places to see- Yosemite or Lake Tahoe! Because of time constraint , it hindered me to go to  these places at one time.

Since my family was also busy , I was thinking if I will go alone or at least with my brother to one of those places. But when my family went to San Francisco to visit our relatives, I was very lucky that my wish was granted.We had our road trip for a day to Yosemite from Stockton California.The 2.5-3 hours drive to Yosemite was scenic. I enjoyed every bit of the view…the garden, the farm and the houses of the farmers we saw along the way. A totally different atmosphere from where I grew up and to where I am currently based.





Yosemite is a one of the famous national parks in the United States located in Eastern California in the Sierra Nevada region. It is considered as a World Heritage in 1984.Around 3.7 million guests visit the place every year. Firstly, it is to be understood how big the national park is. It covers a total of 761,266 acres of forest and mountains.  Entrance fee  depends on the type of the vehicle  and what month you plan to visit Yosemite National Park. Non- commercial car, pick up truck, RV or van with 15 passengers or less, costs 30USD/ vehicle from April through March and 25USD/ vehicle , November till March .Admission fee is valid for 7 days. Fairly cheap if you are traveling with your family in one huge car.






A map will be provided and it will serve as a guide upon entrance to the park. The park is open 365 days a year, 24 hours a day but it is important to take the weather forecast as roads might be closed due to snow around November till May. If you are a nature lover, it is one of the places that must be visited! From sightseeing to outdoor adventures, there is something for everyone to do in Yosemite all year around.




When we went there, it was on the month of November and yes we saw a bit of snow. So how can I described the park in one word? Captivating! Every stop was like a picture worth taking for. If you love photography, the place will leave you breathless. It will inspire you to  be like a real professional photographer!  If you love to go for a hike, there are several hiking trails that are ready to be explored. Picnic areas are everywhere too! Biking, camping.. there are countless activities for every season of the year. Not to mention, it was my first time to see a deer for real!



















IMG_3581 (2)


I am  completely delighted by the great view…granite cliffs, huge trees, crystal clear streams and rivers. The mountain, the forest were like the pictures I would only see in American movies. Everything seem so surreal! If you want to stay overnight it is possible too. There are lodgings, food and visitor centers. I wish we could have stayed but there was no time and booking should be done in advance if you want to stay overnight.


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So how to get around on the huge area? Since we have a car it was easy for us to just go around.  A short hop to hop to different beautiful views inside the park was so worth it. There are available shuttles that run daily around the National Park too! It was a spectacular experience indeed! A place to experience wilderness. Well I wish I had more time to explore the place, one day was never enough. The pictures you see says it all!!

How about you? Any particular place you want to visit in the US?  Share it with us…


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