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  • Election Guide for Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) in Oman

      Every 6 years Filipinos in the Philippines and outside of the country are given the chance to vote for the country‚Äôs next leaders. Filipinos working abroad are encouraged to participate in the Philippine National Election 2016 to take advantage and exercise their right of suffrage. Based on the figures of the Commission on Elections, […]

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  • How to travel on a shoestring budget

    We travel for varied reasons. Some travel to explore, visit family and friends, experience new culture, unwind from stressful workload, get out of the ordinary and see something new. Some just simply to enjoy or have fun. Others may travel to fulfill their lifelong dream of seeing the world or for adventure. Some travel to […]

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  • Thinking of Working in the Middle East? READ THIS NOW

      Millions of Filipinos are now working overseas. Most of the Filipino workers choose to work in Asia with Middle East (Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates and Kuwait) as the top destination followed by Singapore and Hongkong. The number of OFWs in the Middle East increased from POEA (Philippine Overseas Employment Administration) statistics. The Middle […]