Election Guide for Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) in Oman


Every 6 years Filipinos in the Philippines and outside of the country are given the chance to vote for the country’s next leaders. Filipinos working abroad are encouraged to participate in the Philippine National Election 2016 to take advantage and exercise their right of suffrage. Based on the figures of the Commission on Elections, there are 1,326,728 Filipinos land based and 49, 339 sea based registered for the Overseas Absentee Voting (OAV).


Overseas Filipino Workers (OFW) started to vote for Philippine National Election 2016 last April 9, 2016 and will end on May 9, 2016. All OFW voters in Oman can visit Philippine Embassy in Muscat to cast their vote. Those who will vote are the one whose names appear in the CLOV (Certified List of Overseas Voters).There are 11,389 registered voters in Oman for 2016 election. The registered voters are advised to bring valid identification document such as voter’s ID, passport, resident card or other Philippine government issued identification document.


Take note of the voting schedule. Normally, Philippine embassy is open on weekdays from Sunday to Thursday. But for the Election, it will be open daily for one month including holidays and weekends from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm to allow more Filipinos to vote especially those living far from the city. The OAV voters will be voting for the following positions- President, Vice President, Senators and party list group. For more information you can visit Philippine Embassy – Oman website.


                                                                               Philippine Embassy in Oman


A Special Board of Elections Inspector will check the identity of the registered voter. After verification, you will be asked to sign on the list. The voter will get the official ballot and a copy of Certified List of Candidates for National Positions and the Party List System of Representation for the National and Local Elections then proceed to the voting area to fill out the ballot. Oman is using the manual election system. The ballot is folded and placed his/her thumb mark in the space allotted on the ballot lower portion. The ballot is put inside the ballot box and the receipt will be dropped into a receptacle provided. Let everyone be reminded it is not allowed to take photograph of the ballot or the receipt and it is considered an electoral offense.


As a first time voter out of the Philippines, I must say I feel proud and honor to cast my vote and be part of the national event. The voting process was easy and fast. Let us all take part on the national election wherever we are. Let us all vote for someone who will be capable and competent to serve the Filipinos. Let us elect for a President who has the passion to serve the country with conscience and dignity! God bless Pilipinas!





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