Iftar buffet at Musandam Restaurant, Intercontinental Hotel Muscat

Restaurants and hotels will offer scrumptious iftar buffet when the sun goes down in Ramadan. It is called “Iftar” which means to break the fast. There are wide range of choices from quirky to lavish food from different restaurants and hotels during the month of Ramadan.

This year, I have tried iftar at Musandam Restaurant in Intercontinental Hotel, Muscat. My friend and I arrived exactly at 7:00 pm, the time iftar started.  We booked for reservation in advance as we were advised the restaurant is usually full during iftar on Ramadan. As soon as we arrived we were assisted by the friendly staff to our table. The place has an authentic Arabic design and warm ambiance perfect for an ultimate unforgettable Ramadan experience. There were tables and chairs outside the veranda but since the weather was really hot and humid, most of the guests stayed inside the restaurant. The place was full with diners. It was expected as it is the first ever meal Muslims eat after a whole day of fasting.






Dishes served were a combination of Arabic and international cuisine with a focus more on Arabic food. The buffet was amazing! I love the wide selections of Middle Eastern mezze. Mezze are salads and dips served as an appetizer course or light meal. Creamy olive oil topped hummus, eggplant filled moutabal, traditional fattoush, crunchy tabbouleh and halloumi salad to name a few. They have chicken and beef salad too. There were wide choices of bread perfect for the mezze. For the soups, they have seafood and lentil with lemon wedges and croutons.






There were more than 5 choices of main dishes to choose from with authentic Omani dishes to try. I tried ouzi as my main course. Ouzi is an oriental rice with lamb. The other international food served were Asian noodles and Bolognese. I was advised the main course dishes are change each day to give the diner a different taste every time they will visit the restaurant.




There was a live station for barbecue grills and bread. Skewered chicken, lamb and shawarma were served hot on the plate. The chef was approachable and even explained the food I weren’t familiar with. Saj bread or markouk was shown how it was made on their live bread station.




Bread live station- How saj manakesh were made


Saj Manakesh


The dessert station shouldn’t be missed. There were more than 15 types of Arabic and international desserts available. Kunafa (cheese pastry soaked with in sugar based syrup), katayef (sweet dumpling filled with cream or nuts) and oum ali (Egyptian puff pastry made of milk mixed with nuts) were some of the desserts to try. As much I wanted to try everything, I chose the French macaroons and the chocolate fondue.


Dessert station






The staffs were all hands on, assisting us throughout the dining experience. The over service was great. We were so full and felt overwhelmed with so many options to choose from. It was such a great iftar experience.


Kahwa ( arabic coffee) was served after the meal


Musandam Restaurant Intercontinental Hotel

Iftar Buffet: 20omr

For reservations: 24680605

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    15 days to go till the end of Ramadan, don’t miss the chance to try the Iftar buffet in Musandam Restaurant at Intercontinental Muscat.

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