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  • Royal Opera House Muscat,must-see in Oman

    One of the places to visit in Oman is the Royal Opera House Muscat (ROHM). It is the premier venue for musical arts and culture. The ruler of Oman, Sultan Qaboos bin Said has been always a fan of classical music and arts. In 2001, the sultan ordered the building of the opera house which is the first in gulf region. The Opera House is located in Shati – Al Qurum, Muscat.




    Royal Opera House Muscat has hosted numerous shows both international and regional.  Andrea Bocelli is just one of them who performed at the exquisite location.

    I was grateful, I got the chance to watch one of the shows Don Quixote ballet end of last year.  It was my first time to visit the Opera House. I was taken aback by its beauty. The grandiose huge white structure of the opera house is really impressive.  The interior design even enthralled me more. The design is a reflection of Islamic architecture and art in a modern form. Since it was my first time to attend a formal show, I can’t stopped looking around. All were dressed up. The show I had watched with my sister and my friend was a ballet in four acts and eight scenes based on episodes taken from the famous novel Don Quixote de la Mancha by Miguel De Cervantes. By the time I watched a show, I have noticed there were relatively few Omanis enjoying the show. Most of the audience seemed to be either expats or tourists.








    It should be noted that they have a strict dress code. ROHM follows a strict formal or business dress code attending the show. No jeans, t- shirts or tennis shoes are allowed. For Omanis this means disdasha/thobe for men and formal attire for women. For non-Omanis this means suits for men and conservative dresses below the knee for females.  I remember when we watched the show my friend was asked to wear abaya as she was wearing a dress within the knee level. Abayas were available at the opera house to be used by guests. I guess it was better than not watching the show at all.




    It is necessary to arrive early, for you not to miss  any part of the show. Show starts on time. There is a strict security check at the entrance as well. It is advisable to eat before you attend an opera show.  There is a short break but it might not be enough to feed your hunger or be distracted by your rumbling stomach. It should be noted that the phone should be on silent mode or totally switched off.

    For those having no time to watch a show,  it is open to the public to view the main hall and the theater daily from 8.30am to 10.30am. You can also visit the Opera Galleria which is part of the Opera House. It is a luxury shopping destination with wide range of exclusive, top quality products and fine dine restaurants. I recently visited the place to have a look of the sophistication of the shopping center. For a difference, I enjoyed the refined ambiance from a regular mall. From all the luxurious items i have seen there,  the only thing I can’t forget was the watch worth 10,000 OMR/ 25,000 USD/ 1.2 million PHP.  Gee!










    Visiting the Opera House Muscat is a worthwhile experience! If you plan to watch a world class show, the tickets should be bought months before the show as it is usually sold out. You can visit Royal Opera House website to check the schedule and ticket prices. What’s  the next international show on the line? It’s West Side Story on February 2017! 


    Location Map:


    Would you like to visit an opera house? Share your comments below.  


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  • Hiking Adventures in Oman

    I love anything and everything about mountains, deserts, forests, clear skies and green sceneries. I find it very relaxing and fulfilling. I don’t remember what kick started this love but one thing for sure if someone will invite me I will mostly likely say yes. I like spending exclusive time with the nature. Oman known for its vast range of mountains has always been great for hiking adventures. Listed down are some of the hiking escapades I have posted in the past year that you may wish to try on:


    Adventure in Jabal Shams Check out the Grand Canyon of Arabia, my first hiking experience in Oman. Find out why trekking is not only seeing amazing landscape but also moving out of your comfort zone.






    Trekking at the Cliff of a Canyon Find out how group hiking can be so much fun. A trek well recommended for beginners.






    Short hike in Jabal Akdhar, Oman  A new trekking path opened to the public in Jabal Akdhar, the green mountain of Oman.






    For sure this wouldn’t be the last time I will do trekking. I wish to do more not only here in Oman but also in the Philippines and other parts of the world.

    Where do you want to go for hiking? Share on the comments below.

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  • Traveling Slipper’s First Anniversary!

    Exactly one year ago August 16,2015, I published my very first article on my own website. To tell you the truth, I don’t know what I was doing that time. I remembered it was mid of last year when I were talking to a friend about my penchant to travel and the love to write about it for the purpose of keeping a personal travel diary. With a little push from my friend and desire to share my travel stories, I decided to take the path of having a travel blog.

    First, I bought my domain name for the blog. It took me weeks to think of my website name. At the time, I don’t know what to name the blog until I finally came up with the name Traveling Slippers, powered by WordPress. Ask me why I named it that way, my answer is completely daft. I like to travel with slippers. (Silly, right?)

    The next challenge was using WordPress or the blog engine which I were totally clueless. Good thing, WordPress platform is user friendly and there are numerous online tutorials on how to use the blog site too. Lucky, my friend who works at Site Above Solutions guided and helped me all the way to answer all my queries and he took care of the technical side of the blog.

    I felt thrilled and goosey when I published and shared my first article (As an Expat- Traveler/Local). It was something odd to me. But receiving positive feedback from my family and friends made me really so happy. Of course, nothing comes easy. My head was spinning thinking of topics to write and adventures to do. (Well, still up to now.) There were even days I would question myself whether or not I wanted to keep posting since writing was never my strong point. Over the life of this blog, this little space has challenged me to do the things I have never thought I would do. Not only it honed my writing skills but opened myself to learn the other aspects of blogging. I have realized there is so much to learn in this world of blogging. Being a full time healthcare professional didn’t halt me from learning new things. Instead it gave me more courage to accept the challenge of being a blogger. Looking back, I must say I have no regrets. I feel grateful and happy of the road I have chosen to take. I am willing to learn and improve myself along the way.

    So, here I am celebrating my 1st blog anniversary. Yahoo!!!  Listed down are some of my travel posts in the past year:

    Cost of a Backpacking Trip to SE AsiaOne of my favorite travels I had. Traveled 7 cities in 3 SE Asian countries in 18 days. Check out the itinerary if you are planning for a backpacking trip.

    How to Apply Tourist Visa for USGuide and tips for Filipinos wanting to apply for tourist visa in the US.


    Things Why I Love JapanDiscover the unique things to see and experience in the land of the rising sun.


    Budget trip to Maldives, is it possible?Check out how Maldives can be a budget friendly country to visit.


    A must- see and try in Istanbul Turkey Be in two continents at one place. Find out the things to be loved about Constantinople.


    I would like to say thank you for all the readers for continuously supporting the blog. Thank you to my family, friends and those people in my life who inspire me to keep writing and doing the things I love to do! I hope to be celebrating with you all the next years of travel adventures to come.




    Any thing you want to ask? I’ll be happy to answer all your questions. Share on the comments below. 

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  • A visit to Nizwa souq

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