Hiking Adventures in Oman

I love anything and everything about mountains, deserts, forests, clear skies and green sceneries. I find it very relaxing and fulfilling. I don’t remember what kick started this love but one thing for sure if someone will invite me I will mostly likely say yes. I like spending exclusive time with the nature. Oman known for its vast range of mountains has always been great for hiking adventures. Listed down are some of the hiking escapades I have posted in the past year that you may wish to try on:


Adventure in Jabal Shams Check out the Grand Canyon of Arabia, my first hiking experience in Oman. Find out why trekking is not only seeing amazing landscape but also moving out of your comfort zone.






Trekking at the Cliff of a Canyon Find out how group hiking can be so much fun. A trek well recommended for beginners.






Short hike in Jabal Akdhar, Oman  A new trekking path opened to the public in Jabal Akdhar, the green mountain of Oman.






For sure this wouldn’t be the last time I will do trekking. I wish to do more not only here in Oman but also in the Philippines and other parts of the world.

Where do you want to go for hiking? Share on the comments below.

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