A glimpse to National Museum of Oman

As it is still hot in Oman, I try to look for more indoor attraction to see. When I’ve heard National Museum of Oman is finally open to the public after being formally established by a royal decree in 2013, I took the chance to check on it.  I wanted to learn more about the cultures, traditions and history of Oman and that was just right on time.




The museum is a located at the heart of old  Muscat. It is two storey building with a total area of 13,700 square meters. The interior design showcases a state of the art architecture.  You can wander around the museum which houses 13 display halls including the Land and People Hall, Maritime History Hall, Arms and Armour and Currency Hall on the ground floor. Prehistory and Ancient History, The Renaissance and Heritage Galleries are just some displays located on the second level.







The archaeological artifacts in the museum is about 6,000. Some objects displayed were brought from around the world, donated by the locals.

At the age of 5 or 6, a belt is given by a father to his son for special occasion.As he grows up, a he will be presented with a dagger which is a marks a milestone in his life. More interesting facts about Oman in the museum.




There is the hospitality section where guests can have a taste of Arabic coffee (kahwa) and try the local dates.

The museum offers a cinema hall which screen a short movie about Oman. It is a fifteen minute HD film summarizing Oman’s entire history.  Arabic and English languages are both available for the viewers. For me this is the highlight of the museum, you shouldn’t missed.



What I like about the museum it caters different types and age groups of visitors. The museum has educational activities for the kids. It is also the first museum in the Middle East to adapt Arabic braille for visually impaired visitors. There are some resting area if you feel like tired of walking around. The staff are accommodating too!


There is a gift shop that soon will be open inside the National Museum for souvenirs.


A prayer bead made of camel bone


The entrance fee is 1 OMR/ 2.6 USD/120 PHP for Omani and other GCC (Gulf Cooperation Councils) nationals, 2 OMR/ 5USD/ 241 PHP for residents in Oman, 5 OMR/ 13USD/ 602 PHP for tourists. Children and students up to 25 years old, handicapped and Omani and GCC nationals who are 60 years old and above will enjoy the free entry to the museum. The museum will be open 4 times a week (Saturday, Sunday, Monday and Tuesday) from 9am until 3pm from July 30 until September 30. The opening hours will be subject to change following the first phase.


Checking the museum have given me the opportunity to understand and appreciate more the heritage of Oman. It was a well spent day for a cultural experience!




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