Recap on the life of an Expat in the Middle East

Oman has been my second place away from home! Having lived here for quite some time, have given me the opportunity to experience being a local. In my previous blog posts, I wrote about how it is like to work and live in the Middle East. Let us look back to some of the blog posts and learn about the culture, traditions, food, people and life as an expat in the gulf country.

The Life of an Expat in Nizwa, Oman – learn the everyday life of an Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW) in the town of Nizwa.

Filipino community in Nizwa, Oman


Thinking of Working in the Middle East? Read this now – points to remember and consider for Filipinos who want to work in the Middle East.

Nizwa Souq, famous place in Oman


As an Expat- Traveler/ Local my first blog post living as a Filipino Overseas Worker (OFW) in Oman.



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