So you want to look fresh after a long flight?

Long travels are exhausting. The most extended trip I had was 24 hours.I honestly can’t recall how I made it but it sure took a lot out of me and it showed. Yes, I may had a long flight but I refuse to look like one. I mean who in their mind would like to look tired, right? Therefore, when I recently had my 8-hour flight to the Philippines from Oman,  I made sure I’m prepared for it.


Mental and physical preparation helps a lot for a comfortable flying experience. The following are tips I’d like to share so anyone can keep it fresh.



1. Moisturize

Staying long hours in an airplane cabin can dry out the skin. Keep face and your body moisturized by bringing these essentials: face moisturizer, lip balm, and hand cream. Make sure it is a travel size so that it will pass the security.


Here are some of my favorites: moisturizer on a sachet and tinted lip balm from Faceshop and hand cream from Bodyshop


2. Stay hydrated

Buy water after you passed through security. Drink lots of water all throughout the flight. Staying hydrated is probably the most important tip of all. Avoid salty food or alcohol to avoid feeling and looking bloated. Avoid drinking caffeine which means coffee, tea, and soda.  Caffeine will keep you awake and dehydrated. 


3.Get some sleep

I know it might be impossible but try to have a good sleep before your flight. Try to sleep on the plane too. Take off your shoes or sandals and wear socks to keep you warm. Bring an eye mask if you are more comfortable having it on. If you have a noise canceling headphones, bring them as well. Bring earplugs or ask the flight attendant as they have it usually on board. 

If your flight is in the morning or afternoon, it might be difficult to sleep but with some tricks like brushing your teeth and removing your make up if you are wearing one on the plane might work.


4. Snack wisely

Choose lighter option as much as possible. Bring healthy snacks on the plane, so you can eat on your own time instead of waiting for the flight attendant to come around.  Have some nuts, apples or dried mangoes. Avoid fatty and carbohydrate meals which are heavy on the stomach that can cause gasses.


5.Keep travel essentials handy

Bring toothbrush, toothpaste, wet wipes and hand sanitizer with you. Keep your skin and teeth clean while on the plane. Bring some mints or breath spray to avoid bad breath. Not all airlines will provide you a toothbrush and toothpaste so better to bring those items. 


6.Pack clothes to change on your carry on bag

Wear something comfortable and loose fitting clothes on your flight. For men, this can be a pair of jeans and a T-shirt and for women leggings and a sweater. I like to add a scarf to keep me warm on the aircraft whenever it gets cold. Once you land, change dress if you wish.



Any tips for looking refresh after long hours of flight? Share on the comments below. 




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