A Bite of Oman Culture

I’d been eyeing for a restaurant that serves an authentic Omani dishes for a while.Muscat being the center of Oman is the best place to try the local dishes. Many restaurants have emerged that serves and portrays the taste of Oman. Omani food is directly influenced by the trade and fusion of  Indian, Persian, African and other Arab countries which make it exquisite in taste. 

I tried Al Angham located at Opera Galleria in Muscat.It is a fine dining Omani restaurant. Everything was impressive by first look. The details of the design of the restaurant will blow you away. From the ceilings, woodwork, crystal chandeliers to the traditional Omani décor around the area, the restaurant was spectacular. The place is elegant. I felt like a princess when I entered the restaurant.

Such an elegant atmosphere!


Ohh, I feel like I belong to the royal family with this dining set up!


Look at the chandeliers!


A separate room if you want privacy.

The local servers looked great wearing their traditional dress. When my friend and I were asked about the menu to take, everything was explained so well. There are 2 set menus on the list. There is also a la carte on their options, but we tried the set menus. While waiting for the food to be served, a fresh pomegranate was given first then bread. All kinds of local bread were placed on our table. Omani bread is sweet and heavy, so I opted to eat it all though I wanted to try everything.

Fresh pomegranate!

Next came the harees soup. I personally like harees, it is porridge made from wheat mixed with some type of meat but most often chicken.I have tried few harees, but their version was the best I have tried so far. The consistency was dense. The waiter said it was intentionally made light compared to the harees served as the main course.

Look at the silverware!

The selection of Omani salads was quite impressive as well. Watercress salad, chicken masanef, and baby shark samosa looked so pleasant and tasted delicious. I never thought a mango pickle would be a perfect combination to the samosa. It was something interesting to know.  

The appetizer

Then came the dish I was waiting to try, the Omani shuwa. It is a slow cooked lamb over basmati rice. I love the biryani samak too! It is a fish cooked in a tamarind sauce. The fish was so fresh with some spiciness on it. A mashed rice with chicken with cardamom and rose water was served next on my plate. It wasn’t my favorite but something appealing to my palate.

Omani shuwa

The luscious desserts look so hard to resist as well! There were four different kinds of sweet served. I like the frankincense ice cream. The server said it is the most liked by the guests. It was mouth watering and yummy.

Omani desserts to try.

I am impressed with the Omani food served with a royal standard.All food was prepared delightfully into perfection. Al Angham is a place to experience an authentic taste of Omani culture and cuisine with a sophisticated touch. 


An Omani wearing the traditional dress (disdasha).




Have you tried local Omani cuisine? What is your favorite dish? Share in the comments below.  

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