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  • My Travel Adventure in the City of Romance, Venice Italy

    If you were to ask me, Venice is one of the places to see in Italy. It is in the northeast and world famous for its unique and intricate transport system of interconnected canals. There are 118 islands, and the islands on which the city was built, are connected by about 400 bridges and 170 boat canals. Just like any other places in Italy, the city of water didn’t fail to overwhelm tourists with its beauty. The “City of Bridges” has been described as one of the most beautiful and romantic cities in Europe. It is a city that has a lot to offer – architecture, art, and culture.

    View from the hotel

    I took a train (Italo) from Florence to Venice with an average time of 2 hours.  The ticket costs 22.5 EURO/ 10 OMR/ 27 USD/ 1,360 PHP. Make sure to book in advance if it is a planned trip to save money.

    The view from the train station

    Where to Stay

    There’s a lot of places to stay in Venice.  I booked my accommodation through Booking.com and stayed in Bed and Venice. It was near San Zaccaria water taxi stop which is ideal and walking distance to many beautiful views, shops, and restaurants. It is just a few minutes away from San Marco Square which is the heart of the city.


    Water Taxi Stop near San Marco Square

    View from the hotel

    The hotel was clean and practical. The staff was pleasant and helpful. Breakfast was good with bread, croissant, jams and coffee/milk/juice. I stayed in April which is high season in Italy. I paid 81 EURO/ 33 OMR/ 86 USD for two nights and three days stay in Venice.

    Getting Around

    Because of the unusual construction of canals and bridges, the most pleasant way to explore the city is by foot or by (water buses) vaporetti or gondola. By wandering around, you can find many charming and squares and streets which will make you appreciate more the city. Don’t forget to bring a map with you.

    Things to Do:

    1. Ride a Gondola

    A trip to Venice, wouldn’t be complete without riding a gondola. These traditional boats are used as transport around the narrow waterways for more than ten decades. You can opt to have your gondolier sing traditional Italian ballad during the ride. It is bit expensive, but I guess worth it for a first-time visit to Venice. It cost around 80 EURO/95 USD/ 36 OMR/ 4,800PHP for 40 minutes. But if you’re on a budget, an alternative way is to take the vaporetto. The Vaporetto that runs the Grand Canal is the equivalent of a city tour bus.

    Gondola Ride

    2. See St. Mark’s Square (Piazza de San Marco)

    It is the only “piazza” in the city. There are multiple sites near the square including the St. Mark’s Basilica, St Mark’s Campanile, and the Doge’s Palace. There are plenty of restaurants and shops which makes the place perfect for people watching.

    St Mark’s Basilica
    The Bridge of Sighs

    3. Walk along the Rialto Bridge (Ponte de Rialto)

     Another symbol of the city is the Rialto bridge which crosses the Grand Canal. Built in 1591, it is the oldest bridge across the canal and probably the most famous. It is recommended to go early to take photos because it gets busy in the afternoon. It’s hard to miss the bridge. From the train station or the Piazzale Roma, just simply follow the signs to “Rialto.”

    The view from Rialto Bridge

    4. Explore the Streets of Burano Islands

    The islands of Burano are filled with brightly colored houses which makes it perfect for a stroll. Legend says that the fishermen were the first to paint their houses in bright colors so they could see them while they are out for fishing. The typical houses are squared type and are divided into 2 or 3 floors. Other than the bright colored houses, Burano is also famous for lacemaking.

    One Vaporetto line runs from Venice (main) to Burano:12. It takes about 45 minutes and costs 6.50 EURO/ 7.7 USD/ 2.9 OMR/ 339 PHP per person. There is water taxi but sure will cost you more.

    5. Watch Glass Making Demonstration on Murano Island

     Murano is a collection of 7 islands connected by bridges. It is the place to go for the Venetian glasses where you can watch a glass-making demonstration and buy a glass as a souvenir. Vaporetto line 42 from Mark’s Square goes to Murano. Other things to see are Basilica di Santa Maria e San Donato and Chiesa di San Pietro Martire.

    6. Stroll Through Venice’s Quieter Neighborhood

    The charm of Venice can be found not only by visiting the famous spots but also wandering aimlessly along the small alleys and canals.


    1. Stay in Venice proper. It is not recommended to stay in Mestre. It is far from the main tourist attractions especially for first timers in Venice.
    2. Book a hotel near a water taxi stop. I swear, it ‘s hard to drag the luggage around Venice.
    3. Eat in a place unexplored by the tourists. Find places serving local dishes. Research the best restaurants frequented by the locals.
    4. Get up early. Venice is beautiful but crowded with tourists.
    5. Venice is a stylish and sophisticated city. Wear something nice.


    Do you want to visit Venice? What are the things you want to do? Share in the comments below.