Tuscany: The Heart of Cooking in Italy

Italy is a country of beautiful places and good food. If you are a food lover, one way to experience a perfect Italian vacation is to go to the local market and discover how to cook the fresh ingredients into delectable dishes. Tuscany as one of the places I had visited, was the ideal location to learn the art of cooking. It is said to be the heart of Italian cooking.

There are many cooking lessons to attend in Florence or its nearby countryside that will teach you how to make local Tuscan food like homemade pasta and pizza. I booked my class online before the trip through Viator.com. The cooking was one of the best parts of my trip in Italy.

The cooking class was a full day of experience! It all started by meeting one of our chefs in Florence who walked us around the historical food market. Our chef was an American and been living in Florence for more than ten years. There were like 12 persons who joined the class . It was a combination of sightseeing and learning few things about Italian cuisine. We visited the historical food market to shop for the ingredients.

The famous Duomo in Firenze


The chef while walking around the city



The vegetables were all fresh!

We tried different pastries during our market visit.

Florence version of focaccia bread

We headed to the nearby Tuscan farm for the cooking lesson. Looks at this place! It was a such a gorgeous place for the cooking class.



The kitchen was perfectly neat and clean. Chef Isak and Chef Carmela were amazing. Chef Carmela, an Italian chef was superb in her craft. Both have high energy and very enthusiast. It was entertaining and informative. Under the guidance of our chefs, we made 4-course lunch using the fresh ingredients we bought at the market.  We had pizza, pasta, roast pork and tiramisu for dessert.

Be prepared for a lot of wine and food during the class


The roasted pork and I swear it was so delicious!


This guy was the one who taught us how to make a pizza from scratch. Of course, I made one for myself.

The group busy learning how to make a dough

My version of pizza

Simple but the taste is superb.

They taught us the secrets on how to make a perfect pizza and pasta.

I learned a lot of tips on making pasta and pizza.



Each was given the chance to make our own tiramisu.

The best part was having a glass of Chianti wine while enjoying the gorgeous view under the Tuscan sun. Everything was perfect! The views, the food,  the chefs and the people. The cooking class costs 99 EURO/ 45 OMR / 119 USD/ 6000 PHP. and it was so worth it!

What are the things you want to do in Tuscany? Share in the comments below.

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