An Introduction to Indian Cuisine

India is one of the places I want to travel someday. I am amazed by the rich cultures and traditions of the country. While waiting for the right time to go there, let’s discover their culture by satisfying our taste buds through Indian cuisine.

Oman being a diverse country has a lot of Indian restaurants to try. But for someone not familiar with the food, it can be quite confusing and intimidating. If you’re experimental and wanted to try Indian cuisine for the first time these definitely should be on your list:



The Indian’s version of empanada in the Philippines. It is triangular in shape and can be baked or fried. It is not spicy but can be spicy too. It is the readiest to eat Indian food as it is found almost everywhere even here in Oman. It is a snack made of potato with onion and peas. It can be minced chicken or lamb.



Pakora is a fried vegetable like eggplant, potato, onion, cauliflower and chili peppers. It is like tempura.  It is appetizing and perfect for starters. It is also perfect for munchies for snacks.





Chutney is a sauce that can range from sweet to savory. It is any sauce featuring fruits, spices, and vegetables. Coconut, pineapple, and almonds are some of its variants. I love the coconut chutney! 




Naan/ Paratha

Naan is a round fluffy bread that is oven baked. Most of the restaurants will offer a variety of versions with different stuffing and flavors. Paratha is whole wheat flour on the iron board. Both can be eaten with chutney or any other dishes.  I  love the cheese and garlic naan! 




Chicken korma

If you want something mild and creamy, try chicken korma. Chicken is being braised in a sauce made of coconut milk, butter or yogurt plus some spices.  It is bit sweet and slightly smoky from the cumin and other spices. This is best for those who cannot tolerate spicy food.  



Biryani is a dish made of long grain rice, spices with either vegetable, chicken, or mutton on it.  It is one of my favorites, delicious and everything you need for in the main course.


Chicken Tandoori

If you love chicken barbecue, this is something to try. Chicken is marinated in yogurt and spices overnight. It is roasted traditionally in a clay oven called tandoor.





It is a yogurt based drink made by blending the yogurt with water and Indian spices. I like the sweet lassi blended with sugar or fruits. So far I like the coconut and mango lassi.


Mango Lassi


Indian food is full of flavor and variety. I think the good thing about Indian food is, there is something for everyone. You can ask for the heat level of the food you will be ordering as hot, mild or maybe not spicy at all.

Trying out different food is one way of learning the culture of one’s country. So far,  I’m loving the Indian food! If you are in Oman, you can try Begum’s Indian Restaurant. It is so far the best Indian food I have tried. 







Have you tried going to an Indian Restaurant? What did you order? Share on the comments below.


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