Bahla Fort: A World Heritage Site in Oman

We often overlook the obvious places to visit where we live. I have lived in Oman for years but only visited Bahla Fort early this year. Bahla Fort is one of the historic fortresses situated in Oman and the only listed UNESCO World Heritage fort of the country in the year 1987.

The fort is believed to have been built between 600 years ago by the Bani Nebhan tribe who were dominant in the area from the 12th to the 15th century. The construction is made of mud and straw bricks cooked at a very high temperature. The fort was put on danger because it was decaying rapidly after each rainy season. It was restored for over two decades and opened to the public in the year 2012. 

It is comprised of three different buildings known as Bait  Al Jabal, Bait Al-Hadith and Bait Al Qaed.  It has walls, wells, mosque, and towers meant for defensive purposes those days.


Entrance at Bahla Fort


I love taking photos on the Arabic door!


Open space inside the fort


The sample of mud and straw bricks


Bahla Fort is huge. You can easily get lost and wander for hours.  You can climb the towers and go the stairs and enjoy the attic room and wide spaces of the fort.


You can have a photo op session on the stairs



The only thing is, there is little information provided unlike to Nizwa Fort which is filled with great exhibits about Oman culture.

Bahla Fort is located in Bahla which is 2 hours drive away from Muscat. It is easy to find. Simply follow the signs going to Nizwa and follow the directions going to Bahla afterward. It lies along the main road and quite huge that it cannot be overlooked.

It is open every day from 8 am until 4 pm except Friday afternoon.  The standard entrance fes is 500 baisa (.5 omr). The best time to visit the fort is around October until April of the year. 


I went mid of the year, little sweaty but manageable.


Are you planning to visit Oman? What are the things you want to experience?  Let me share my suggested itinerary on my upcoming blogs.



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