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  • Mt Rigi, Switzerland: A Perfect Hiking Experience 

    I felt overwhelmed having visited the country of Switzerland. It is one of the best places I have traveled so far.For a nature lover like me, it’s like a paradise. Green sceneries and mountains are everywhere. So when there was a chance to do a hike to one of the mountains, I felt so excited. […]

  • Expat Life
  • Wadi Shab: A Desert Adventure Paradise

    The Arabian Peninsula is predominantly desert. However, Oman is more varied. Oman is exquisite in natural beauty. Mountains, beaches, and wadis (valleys) surround the country despite being dry.It is a great place for exploration, especially in winter temperature. The winter weather is mild which is the best time to enjoy outdoor activities. No visit to […]

  • Expat Life
  • Hiking Adventures in Oman

    I love anything and everything about mountains, deserts, forests, clear skies and green sceneries. I find it very relaxing and fulfilling. I don’t remember what kick started this love but one thing for sure if someone will invite me I will mostly likely say yes. I like spending exclusive time with the nature. Oman known […]